Does removing wisdom teeth make your face thinner?

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What the heck are wisdom teeth even for?

Wisdom teeth are the commonly occurring third and final set of molars which make their presence felt at the back of your mouth post your teens or in your twenties. A percentage of the world population is lucky enough never to have them.

Just like the appendix, the purpose of wisdom teeth in the 21st century human mouth is elusive. So if you’re a lazy person like I am but care about your oral hygiene, then it is time to say goodbye to your wisdom teeth.

Why should I remove my wisdom teeth?

The reason I decided to remove my wisdom teeth is due to food getting constantly getting stuck at the back of my mouth & also being conscious about the elusive bad breath which comes with the wisdom teeth – the 3rd molars are really far inside and tough to clean!

But irrespective, if you’ve got the time & a good orthodontist around, I’d suggest you get your wisdom teeth removed. They are a liability & a ticking time bomb. The chances are that your wisdom teeth even after all the work you put it, will give you a problem sooner or later.

These are some of the few complications that I can think of that can make your life miserable, if you opt to keep your wisdom teeth

  • Impacted wisdom teeth are sometimes quite painful & can damage to the other teeth
  • Misaligned wisdom teeth can lead to blisters on the inner cheeks.
  • The third set of molars are extremely hard to maintain & can cause decay & infections.
  • If proper care isn’t constantly taken, infections due to the wisdom teeth can lead to abscesses!

What to expect on the day you get your wisdom teeth extracted

First off, most likely you’ve set an appointment with your orthodontist in the morning. I suggest you have a hearty breakfast before you go for your extraction because your food options are going to be limited after.

Your gum & surrounding cheek area are going to get injected by local anesthesia. If your orthodontist is as good as mine, it won’t be very painful. I did get a spray of surface anesthesia which I might add was mint-flavored, before the injections which surely helped!

Once your mouth goes numb, you’re then just a spectator to the brute force that your doctor applies to the tooth in question trying to loosen it and hopefully remove it whole and not in bits & pieces. Don’t worry! while you will feel your orthodontist going to work on your jaw, you won’t feel any pain.

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