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20 Things You Have Been Using Wrong

things you have been using wrong :number plate box tired of straining :with your utensils to find that last :piece of shrimp or chicken hiding inside :your sweet and sour or chow mein Chinese :food container turns out that this box :which delivers your food to you can be :unfolded in order to provide a makeshift :plate then simply fold the box back :together when your meal is at an end in :order to store your leftovers for later :consumption number microwave :leftovers usually when dining on :leftovers you’re in a presumable hurry :you shovel all the plastic contained :cold soggy food in a big pile on a :microwave-safe plate and wait for the :day then you either new kit or risk that :horrible sensation of a coal still :frozen middle but never fear life just :got a little bit easier simply form a :little donut hole in the center of your :leftovers this will help spread the heat :evenly when reheating them number :extra shopping Spain when grocery :shopping sometimes your eyes are bigger :than your stomach and you end up with :way too many groceries which will :overflow in the cart checkout line :you’re no longer ever notice those :little tabs on the cart station directly :behind the child seat those are meant :for hanging off additional bags in order :to optimize the storage space inside :your shopping cart now wheel to your car :with your bags of food tightly secured :with maximum efficiency of six number :red Slater’s if you try cutting a nice :piping hot fresh loaf of bakery bread :from the top can you find yourself :running into a few issues the top fluffy :part sink down and crumble if you flip :that loaf upside down then you can :afford deflating your bread and it gives :you a larger more even cutting surface :to work with in viewing you with more :evenly sliced bread number widened :condiment containers have you ever gone :out to a fast-food restaurant with some :friends and all ordered french fries :your little plastic tablecloth it’s :probably overwhelmed and clogged with :tiny paper cups full of ketchup a :typically large fry usually consumes :that we three these tiny paper cups of :ketchup easy that’s either multiple :trips of the dispenser or the risk of :dropping the Leaning Tower of condiments :turns out the beats classic fast food :condiment tiring accessories can fan out :in order to hold two to three times more :sauce number :have you ever been laid to a date or to :a work meeting and realize your breath :is hideous luckily tic tacs were :invented as a quick relief to hot foggy :mouth drones but what’s in the office or :a fancy restaurant shaking that little :plastic rectangle can attract unwanted :attention you certainly don’t want your :co-workers to know you have breath :issues next time try using the tic tac :tip of the container as it was meant to :be used as a breath mint disposal unit :hold the Box upside down add a little :flick and appeal and a pull and voila :your tic tac has a nifty little plate :for easy consumption number coil :proof when you’re at home cooking do you :look away for a pivotal couple of :seconds only to hear a horrible hissing :sensation your pot has probably boiled :over and your noodles are on their way :to sliding down the middle edges but :they are no further there is a super :simple solution which has been right in :front of you this whole time all you :have to do is place a wooden spoon over :the top of your pot the wooden spoon :will pop the bubbles as they threaten :overflow number upside down peanut :butter here’s another interesting tidbit :I bet you never knew peanut butter :should always be stored in your cabinets :upside down this will actually prevent :the sticky substance inside the jar from :separating which means no more stirring :up a big oily mess every time you want :some peanut and rich spread on your :sandwich and the peanut contents will :fill out much easier number cord not :ever thrown a kickin party only to have :a critical moment spoiled by an :extension cord coming undone and the :music fails to drop the beat will fear :no more party people we have a nifty new :trip to help avoid this dismal reality :simply plug the cords into a loop in :order to prevent hazardous disconnection :number onion whoa ever had a big :dinner night preparation for a healthy :meal ruined by getting all weepy eyed :over some freshly diced onions will cry :no more are you big babies here’s a neat :solution which is super simple and I bet :you never knew chewing gum while cutting :up onions prevent your eyes from leaking :messy tears all over your yummy food :number warming’s world this little :drawer position just beneath your stove :is probably being utilized to store :excess pots pans and muffin trays right :well it’s actually meant to be used as a :warming drawer this warming drawer is :meant to keep food this is especially :useful if you are attempting to prepare :a full course meal and one part is done :save the pasta but the chicken may still :need a few more vital minutes in order :to finish cooking number nine cams Oh :thanking most people unload their case :of soda one can at a time however there :has been a simpler way of doing things :which has been eluding many of us this :entire time all you have to do to save :countless seconds of your time is to :open both sides of the cardboard box and :push the cam through as you slide the :box toward yourself this way you can :unload an entire case of canned :beverages in a single go number * :ever wonder why pirates depicted in :movies are always sporting those :adorable black eye patches it’s not just :to look dark and mysterious or hide a :missing eyeball no turns out there’s a :practical function at work here I :patches allow pirates to see in the dark :better so next time you need to go :looking through a darkened room which :has no light source simply place an eye :patch over one eye and let it rest there :a bit once inside the darkened space :remove the ipod your eyeball will :already be adjusted to the lack of light :and therefore you’ll be able to see much :clearer in darkened spaces number seven :exact sleeping while sitting upright in :the crowded tight condensed space with :lots of noises and distractions there is :no easy feat luckily I bet you didn’t :know that most transportation systems :are prepared for long rides and anchor :sleeping mats to their seats just look :at this girls snoring away beneath her :seat sleeping mask number six oil law :have you ever been in a rush to put food :away and the aluminum foil springs out :of the box and sometimes those tiny :metallic ridges cut your fingers turns :out that most aluminum foil boxes have :pressing tab which one punched out are :meant to anchor the role in place look :for these helpful cutouts on the :opposing sides of the reynolds box next :time that way the aluminum roll remain :secure and in place when you need to rip :it they’re usually a similar tab on the :sides of most plastic or glad wrap :containment cardboard boxes as well :number five little down if you have ever :stuck a glass bottle in the freezer in :the hopes of cooling down your beverage :quickly then you’ve probably had to :clean up broken glass and froze an :exploded soda pop well there’s an easier :way to freeze your drinks in record :speed this entire time simply wrap a :moist paper towel around your glass :bottle and place the liquid containment :vessel inside the refrigerator the drink :will be cool in several short minutes :and you avoid potential sticky messy :cleanup number four draw :sodapop is a tasty treat on a cold day :but those icy can the bubbly beverage :tastes even better through the clean :plastic interior of a straw those little :metal tabs which you have to press in to :break the seal and release the stirrup :lace soda pop that oval like circle on :the end it’s actually there to secure :your straw to your can contain drink :number three closet space Juan another :amazing use for those soda pop tabs :which you’ve only been throwing away or :slicing your lips on are you low on :closet space all you have to do is pull :off those metallic tabs and secure them :to your closet hanger create a double :hanger now hang two outfits for the :price of one and save space number two :blender cleanser have you ever fought :with your blender captain to clean all :the crevices and compartments when a :delicious strawberry daiquiri was in :desperate need of a good blending :there’s an easier solution simply pour a :teeny bit of dish soap and some hot :water into your blender hit the blend :button and allow your blender to clean :itself why waste time scrubbing and :dirtying and getting your hands all :messy and soapy when your kitchen :appliance can do the work for you yay :simplicity number one duck hunter are :you a fan of retro gaming if you are or :if you just happen to be old then you :are probably a fan of the Nintendo :arcade classic duck hunt this game :wasted hours of my childhood I could :have potentially wasted hours more had I :but known that there was a two player :function pressing the plastic gun :against the glass screen and fire away :those pesky ducks if your first player :plug-in a second controller in order to :control the Ducks that’s right there was :a hidden option for a two-player mode :this whole time :[Music]