what happened to bryce laspisa? Family holds hope for missing son

what happened to bryce laspisa? Family holds hope for missing son

Three years later, O.C. family holds hope for missing son Bryce Laspisa’s safe return.

Has anyone seen this missing man? Bryce Laspisa. Missing since 2013. Please help find him!

Three years and counting
Parents of Bryce Laspisa still hope for son’s return

The Disappearance of Bryce Laspisa. from UnresolvedMysteries

On August 30, 2013, Bryce Laspisa, a young and seemingly carefree 19-year-old, went missing near Castiac Lake in California. Bryce drove away from Sierra College, where he had just began his sophomore year, with the apparent intention to go back to his parents’ home in Laguna Niguel. Without any hard evidence, Bryce’s disappearance is riddled with mysteries and painfully unanswered questions.

Following the troubling accident, investigators never located Bryce’s body and dogs tracked his scent to a nearby gas station. Could Bryce have sustained a head injury and wandered off? Regardless of Bryce’s mental state, police working the investigation do not believe that he met his demise at Castiac Lake.

If you have any information about the case, call 949-292-4400. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department can be reached at 323-890-5500. You can also send photos to his family at findbrycelaspisa@gmail.com and get updates on Facebook.

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